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The Molisani people called upon to join the study are 25,000. The number perfectly matches the rules followed in this kind of studies. Researchers, helped by computers, draw a series of names from the personal details list provided by the municipalities involved in the study. The participants selected must be 35 years or more. The random choice is made in such a way to be representative of both genders, age ranges and various professional status. Pregnant women are not allowed to take part in the study. Nevertheless, they are allowed to join the study once giving birth. Obviously, participating is absolutely voluntary. Invited people can accept or not. For people joining the study it is just a matter of a two-hours appointment. It is not far different from the usual physical examination by one’s own Gp. Just a little time and collaboration: that’s all Moli-sani project asks to its participants. But results may turn out to be crucial to save human lives thanks to a enhanced awareness of diseases, their causes and the possibility to prevent them. It is a study designed to bring advantages worldwide, maybe by convincing people from other countries to become more “molisani”, at least for what we eat every day. We have to bear in mind that each participant receives a precise and careful check up of his own health status and risk factors. It is a kind of map able- together with his own Gp - to lead him toward the best choices for his future.

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